Kunstenfestival Watou 2011 - Tussen taal en beeld verzamelde verhalen #3 09.07.2011 - 11.09.2011


36th edtition of Art Festival Watou
Collected stories#8
The strength of empathy
(…on identity, diversity and empathy)

2nd of July – 4th of September 2016

We live in a wonderful world.
But there is work to be done.
Things go fast. Ruthlessly fast. Too fast for many.
And there are many of us.
A lot of individuals who all have the right to an identity. A lot of differences that
cause exhausting but interesting and vital diversity.
A mixture of people and opinions which has been maintaining and reinventing
itself for thousands of years.
We get together: in real life, digitally and virtually. To not be alone.
Our spoken and visual language is an amalgam.
Luckily this is can be bridged: we are actually looking for us.
We form groups with like-minded people: locally, regionally, nationally and
internationally. We cannot live without the other.
We trust and distrust.
We take stands.
We want to believe in something.
We adhere opinions.
Sometimes we need to run because of them.
Sometimes we become fanatic.
Without empathy this leads to conflict.
Without empathy we lose our humanity.
We shall be empathic or not.
History does not lie.

‘If the world was an understandable place, art would not exist.’ Wrote Albert
Camus. At Art Festival Watou poets, writers, artists and other creative minds
together create an exceptional meeting place.
Reflect, so we can all grow together. Discover them with empathy.
We love you.

Jan Moeyaert
Intendant vzw Kunst / Stichting IJsberg vzw

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