City of Poperinge

City of Poperinge is an amazing city, with approximately 19.700 inhabitants, spread over six sub-municipalities and two villages. In total, it covers an impressive area of 120 km², of which more than 4/5 was still undeveloped in 2019. Poperinge is a city situated deep in the Westhoek, at the French border, with a mix of open spaces, traditions, nature, history, activity, charming villages, culture and conviviality. Poperinge is an authentic and vibrant city, on a human scale, where it is pleasant to live as if one is ‘living like a king in France’.

Rich cultural life

Art, history and culture are interwoven in the leisure activities of the inhabitants of Poperinge. The Hops and Beer Festivals are organized every three years, with the traditional hops procession and Hops King election. Poperinge is therefore known for its hops cultivation and rich beer culture, both of which have a place in the Hops Museum. Poperinge was a city behind the front during the 1st World War. This unique story is told with thematic exhibitions at Lijssenthoek Military Cemetery and in the Talbot House. Poperinge has a rich social life, with many dedicated volunteers who also contribute to cultural life themselves, for example, with the organization of the Watou International Gregorian Festival. In 2020, management committed itself to the organization of the Watou Arts Festival; a fixture on the leisure calendar.

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