Village of high fermentation

Watou, the village of high fermentation. The village on the schreve. The village where art, music, peace and open space meet. Located on the French border, apart from the village itself, the hamlets of Abele and Sint-Jan-ter-Biezen are also part of Watou.

The first mention of Watou dates from 1123 as ‘Wathewa’. Later also ‘Watuwa’ (1207) and ‘Watuwe’ (1519). The word itself means “swampy meadow. The history of the village, from the seigniory of Watou to the wars, the iconoclasm and the French Revolution, can still be read today in the villagescape and landscape.

Watou is known as a village of art and brewers. Two local breweries, Sint-Bernardus and Brouwerij Van Eecke provide an extensive selection of regional beers. Every three years, Watou hosts the International Gregorian Festival. Hundreds of fresh, young and mostly professionally trained voices bring centuries-old music and texts grandiosely to life. The annual Arts Festival Watou settles in Watou and provides a unique dialogue between the village, visual arts and poetry.

Watou is above all a place to relax and enjoy nature, silence, delicious local products and hospitality.

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