Artistic vision

‘Watou 2021’ is an invitation

If the world is changing before our eyes and we cannot yet name what we see… If everything we have thought and believed to be true for decades is under pressure… If we feel insecure, robbed of our certainties… then there is one place where all those insecurities, all that violence, all that unrest, all that complexity, and all that beauty and all that longing come together: art. It is there that we live intensely, when making art, experiencing art, and remembering art. Watou 2021 is an invitation to experience poetry and visual art with brains, senses and feelings. To be filled with that complexity, with that multi-layeredness.

The position of mankind in the world

Watou 2021 starts from within mankind himself. What is our role and position in this world? What is the impact of recent transformations on our humanity? Due to the accrual of technology and artificial intelligence, but also because of the crisis we are experiencing, we lean not only on our rational, but also on our emotional, spiritual, intuitive and biological intelligence.

We invite you to look, read, feel, reflect and connect. With art, poetry, nature and with one another.

Benedicte, Chantal and Peter

Movement and intensity

The familiar has been replaced by the confrontational and the uncomfortable. It challenges us to keep our minds open and dynamic. With movement as a constant factor. To the other and the different.

Art and poetry always impose multiple perspectives: many forms and visions of content exist simultaneously and without a hierarchy. There is no absolutely right, there is no truth, there is only harmony, and that harmony is a richness.

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