Cloé Decroix

There are definitely countries worth visiting (2023)

The work of Cloé Delcroix centres around the great unknown. Decroix exhibits the props (costumes, masks, …) she uses for her performance ‘Les Balladus’. The performance was developed for and embodied by the Balladus.

These large-eared pink little men travel around the country with all their belongings as they try to give new meaning to the concept of ‘location’.

The Balladus act as autonomous creatures in search of an identity and a place to live, thereby acting out the political conflicts with which they are confronted. The work in its entirety takes the shape of an ironic, childishly layered role play in which Decroix’ theatrical and graphical inspiration is translated into a multidimensional expression of art.

A key point of departure is a quote from ‘Nos Cabanes’ by Marielle Macé (2019): “…specifically not to take up space, to find a spot for oneself without overly disturbing anyone; rather it is a protest against this world full of places – freed up places, denied places, taken or available places”.

Decroix creates a graphic, visual, living universe. Different creative forms such as needlework, drawings and installation are integrated into her performances. Her musicians and performers collective starts from her drawings and personal research to help the work evolve continuously.

Music: composition and execution Félix Macquet, edited by Alban Capitaine
Video: editing Marie-Charlotte Bonamy

1998, FR

Cloé Decroix’s work evolves around questions of territory, migration and manifestation, all in a colorful and eccentric plastic language. By creating nomadic characters bordering on the absurd, she deals with themes that are both political and childlike, committed and playful. These two axes come together in performances, sewing works, paintings and structures that are directly connected.

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