Henk Schut

1975, NL

Henk Schut is a multidisciplinary visual artist whose ideas derive from posing questions, looking into environments, communities, historical events and current affairs. With each project he looks for the most suitable form in which to express his ideas. His work often contains a certain playfulness – without trivializing the subject, but in way that reinforces its explanatory power. He has an integrative approach to the environment where he presents his work. Architectural space and sound therefor often play an important role.
The diversity of his skills gives him the freedom to move between different art forms. Each art form nurtures the other and themes develop through the different disciplines. Any specific work is a crystallization of this continuous proces.
He started his career as a theatre designer and director for which he was twice nominated for the Laurence Olivier Award. Since 2000, after having lived in London for 16 years, he works from his multidisciplinary studio on the NDSM Werf in Amsterdam. Here he collaborates with many craftsmen who also work at the NDSM Werf: a community of artists and craftsmen of all art disciplines, who have their own workplaces in this location too.

He is interested in the relationship between space, sound and time. How does sound influence the perception of a location and thus our vision of our environment.

Bij dit kunstwerk hoort een gedicht van Joost Decorte.

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