Joris Vermassen

1964, BE

Foto: Angélique Savat

Joris Vermassen is a visual artist and comic book author. His alter ego Fritz Van den Heuvel pioneered Flemish comedy. In 2014, he published the award-winning graphic novel ‘Mad With Joy’. For the art magazine HART, he wrote columns on art, until a PhD led him to the path of visual arts himself in 2016. In his book ‘Sacred Text, Godless Image: a Tense Relationship’, he described how word and image can fruitfully work together in art. Today, he translates these ideas into his work, combining stories and images in a variety of media. He likes to break through the walls of the white cube, weaving local and personal elements into a larger, universal story. Each project is accompanied by a publication, as a full-fledged counterpart to his spatial work.

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