After two successful editions, Koen Vanmechelen and Michaël Vandebril assume their role, for the third consecutive time, as respectively inspirer and curator of poetry. James Putnam, who has previously (in 2022) assumed the role of visual arts curator, completes the three-member curatorial team.

“We are in need of new landscapes. Places of experimentation, refuges and spaces where a new humanity can be born.”
– Koen Vanmechelen, inspirator

“The creative imagination blurs the boundary between dreaming and waking life and is often in tune with the collective consciousness and memory. Art can be the vehicle to open our imagination and we become aware of its power to transform and make a difference. It can be a vehicle for ideas and feelings explored by artists on a personal level that may also have a deeper, more universal significance.”
– James Putnam, curator contemporary art

“Poetry creates inner landscapes in which to wander, just like in a village. New poems enter into dialogue with the works of art. They invite a journey in head and heart. Watou is the destination, but for everyone the journey is different.”
– Michaël Vandebril, curator of poetry

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