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The poetry podcast “House of the Poet” returns for a second season. Literary journalist Jelle Van Riet and audio-maker Pauline Augustyn are creating a new series of six episodes from the writer’s residence Huis van de Dichter in Watou, which will be presented on the podcast platform of De Standaard and during the Arts Festival.

“In each episode, I talk to a guest poet about poetry & life based on one poem from their oeuvre. I also let readers have their say. My guests this year are Bart Moeyaert, Moya De Feyter, Benno Barnard, Daniëlle Zawadi, Ted Van Lieshout and Maria Barnas.”
– Jelle Van Riet

The poets are presented with questions such as “Why don’t poets just say what they mean?”, “Does poetry have to be beautiful?”, or “Does poetry help with heartbreak?”. Jelle Van Riet spends a day, a night and a morning with these poets. Their conversations are captioned, while walking in the fields, at the kitchen table, in a local café. Outdoor and home sounds are an integral part of the soundtrack.

The poetry podcast is produced by writer’s residence Huis van de Dichter in coproduction with Poëziecentrum, Kunstenfestival Watou and De Standaard, with the support of Literatuur Vlaanderen. During the festival visitors will be able to listen to all episodes in a designated podcast room.

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