Louisiana Van Onna

1995, NL

Louisiana van Onna (22-01-1995, Amsterdam) makes the invisible visible. Her work shows subjects from nature and science that often remain hidden due to their abstract nature. Think of visualising gravity, exposing the navigation skills of the Arctic Tern or investigating extinct species. Urgent example is the Gentian Blue.
For instance, she previously investigated the life cycle and iconic status of the Gentian Blue with the project The Butterfly Defect (2021). This blue butterfly has been seriously threatened for some time due to, among other things, increasing nitrogen decline. However, there is little awareness about this, even though its name is strongly anchored in the collective memory. Think of the naming of streets, squares and schools, etc.
As a research-based photographer, she uses a combination of playfully constructed and documentary visual language with the aim of starting a conversation, conveying her fascination to the viewer and activating our collective memory.

With her photographic research projects, Van Onna zooms in on the relationship between humans and biodiversity. She sees her work as a way to restore the interconnectedness between humans and nature and visualise the effects of climate change. Collaborations with scientists and biologists give her work a layering of factual information and personal wonder.
Van Onna studied at the Academy of Visual Arts The Hague from 2015 to 2019 at the Photography Department, after which she collaborated with institutions such as Het Museon Den Haag, Ecomare Texel, De Vlinderstichting, MIAP / Future of Nature Collective, Art Rotterdam and Fotodok Utrecht.

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