Nicol Vizioli

b. 1982, Rome
lives and works in London and Rome

‘Quattro Movimenti: A Study on Scelsi’, 2020 – music by the London Contemporary Orchestra.Nicol Vizioli is a multimedia artist who works primarily with photography and film. Her imagery is wide ranging, incorporating representational and symbolic motifs, mythology, painting and manifesting a deep interest in the natural and animal world. Her work is the convergence point of these worlds. Trained in cinema, visual arts and photography, her practice is underlined by a meticulous craftsmanship and significant devotion to raw physicality, creating brutal but subtle imagery.

Quattro Movimenti: A Study on Scelsi (2020)

This work is a cinematic response to “String Trio,” a chimerical composition by Italian Giacinto Scelsi. His work was intended to break all narrative structures in musical composition. The film was shot during a weekend in Iceland. 
The creator conjures up an alternative earth, a place that is pure and elemental, where nature exists in primal form. The music creates a constant tension that never discharges or turns into anything else. There is no visual narrative. You only see people and animals moving in a world that is both their enemy and their cradle. Time and space have been dissolved. The images show archetypes: ice, cracked rocks, bubbling geysers, lava, black earth, flesh, eyes, scales, hooves and fur. The film evokes a primal consciousness and is bathed in an atmosphere of life, survival, instincts, violence and purity.

For this film Nicol Vizioli collaborated with the London Contemporary Orchestra.

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