Robert Ssempijja

1994, Uganda

Foto: Iwert Bernakiewicz

Robert Ssempijja is a Ugandan contemporary artist and dance researcher who is having a career both through formal and informal setting experiences, whose practice is marked by the era of post-colonialism and decolonization, Ssempijja’s work is composed of research projects that reproduce into dance films, installations and performances. In his practice, he presses against the body’s physical limits to create work that is utterly sincere. Ssempijja is searching for “a regenerative art practice” which moves away from exploitative relationships. Through dance, he makes a bridge between the distorted past and the digital present. Ssempijja is also curious to know how the body creates and transfers information and secrets into a movement that builds up the body’s own vocabulary. He assumes that our bodies are comprised of archives of information which are activated when it comes to movement.

Bij dit kunstwerk hoort het gedicht van Max Greyson.

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