Watou 2024 takes place from July 6 through September 1. The arts festival can be visited Wednesday through Sunday, from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. each time. Monday and Tuesday the festival is closed.

In May and June you can get your early bird ticket at only 18 euros.

early bird offer from May 1: Buy your ticket here

Discover the Watou Arts festival at your own pace. Those who want to enjoy art, poetry and the beautiful surroundings of Poperinge and the Westhoek, can spread their visit over several days.

The tourism department of Poperinge offers several accommodation packages. This package contains not only your entrance ticket to the festival, but also a visitor’s guide, tickets for the Hop Museum, a booklet with discount coupons, a delicious local product and a specially brewed festival beer.
Visitors will receive a warm welcome with an exclusive goodie bag worth 80 euros.

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