To shape the poetry section, the organization sought and found a second curator. Michaël Vandebril selected twenty poets who were inspired by the Patchworkers’ artworks: “The poets are given the creative task of writing a new poem or text for Watou 2022. These poems will be placed nearby the artworks: typographically, as audio, with projection or other. In this way, a direct link between the poems and the artworks is ensured.”

Watou 2022 will feature new poetic work by more than 20 poets, including:

Maud VanhauwaertAnne Provoost – Peter Holvoet-Hanssen – Laurence Vielle – Amina Belorf – Astrid Haerens – Marie Darah – Giovanni Baudonck – Dimitri Antonissen – Mark van Tongele – Antoine Boute – Els Moors – Alex DeforceStijn VrankenJessy James LaFleur – Esohe Weyden – Jan Ducheyne – Joke van Leeuwen – Maarten Inghels – Benjamin Hertoghs

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