Visual arts

Watou 2022 opts for avant-garde and resolutely draws the card of experimentation. An open call was launched at the beginning of 2021 under the name ‘Patchwork’. “The result of this multi-day gathering can lead to a new concept for Watou, translated into several in situ artworks, which will be shown to the general public at Watou the following year. A patchwork of impressions, an unpredictable whole of different elements.” says Koen Vanmechelen, inspirator of Patchwork.

After Patchwork, the participating artists submitted their proposals. An international jury selected twenty project ideas that are now being developed further for Watou 2022. The result will be exhibited at Watou 2022: exclusive new work, 100% in situ.

Angelika Fuchs – Anne ten Ham – Atelier Haute Cuisine – Barbara Callewaert and Jo Verhenne – Bart Eysink Smeets – Danielle Van Vree – De Reuringdienst – Helena Cnockaert – Hendrik Vermeulen – Ilke Cop – Mikes Poppe – Rob Voerman –Schellekens – Selvatico – Tina Wilke and Matías Brunacci – Tom Bogaert – Tomas Bachot and Roland Deketelaere

Curator James Putnam complements this list with a number of existing works for Watou 2022 by Koen Vanmechelen and Gavin Turk, among others.

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