Visual arts

Watou 2023 features work by more than 30 artists:

Beatrijs Albers & Reggy Timmermans* (BE) – Niels Albers (NL) – Funda Zeynep Ayguler & Anton Filatov (DE) – Iwert Bernakiewicz (BE) – Sven Boel (BE) – Cloé Decroix* (FR) – Alexandra Dementieva* (BE) – Niel de Vries (NL) – Berlinde De Bruyckere (BE) – Griet Dobbels (BE) – Philippe Druez (BE) – Juls Gabs (UK) – Benoît Géhanne* (FR) – Marilyne Grimmer (FR) – Marc Hamandjian* (FR) – Nathalie Hunter* (BE) – Maarten Inghels (BE) –  Pierre Mertens* (BE) – Charlotte Eta Mumm (DE) – Öznur Özturk (BE) – Alain Platel & Mirjam Devriendt (BE) –  Jiajia Qi (CN) –  Henk Schut (NL) –  Robert Ssempijja (UG) –  Koen Vanmechelen* (BE) – Louisiana Van Onna (NL) – Wouter Vanderstede & Peter Simon (BE) – Various Artists & Tijdelijk Informatie Centrum, afdeling Watou (BE) – Esther Venrooij* (NL) – Joris Vermassen (BE).

*Selected by Edith Doove.

The list of ‘Patchwwworkers’ was supplemented by Doove with other artists. “In my personal choice of additional artists I looked for a way to further strengthen that hybridity by working with what I like to call my “artistic family”. With some of them I have been working for years now, others are more recent arrivals. For all contributions to the festival the emphasis lies above all on the curious discovery of the perhaps less familiar (or completely unfamiliar) in order to thus broaden a horizon,” Doove says.

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