The Festival House

The Festival House is a house with many rooms, a veranda and a garden. Take your time to wander around. In the house, you will learn more about the work of these artists and poets:

De Reuringdienst – Marie Darah – Bart Eysink Smeets – Mikes Poppe – Angelika Fuchs – Gavin Turk – Jessy James LaFleur – Danielle van Vree – Els Moors – Anne ten Ham – Alastair & Fleur Mackie – James P. Graham – Margarita Zafrilla Olayo – Silia Ka Tung – Kate MccGwire – Bernard Dewulf – Marcel Broodthaers

Want to take a break? You can do so in the former sauna room. Sit back, relax and listen to Alex Deforce’s Poetry Radio, a podcast made especially for the Watou Arts Festival.

The Festival House is the arts festival’s reception point. This is where you can get your ticket and course map. Also available in the shop: visitors’ guide to the festival, a special Watou edition of the Po√ęziekrant (only in Dutch) and a wide range of books, poetry collections and original works by the participating artists.

6. Festivalhuis Watouplein jaren 1920 Collectie Westhoek Verbeeldt

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