• Registration is required and must be done via this online form.
  • Deadline of registration is 31 May 2024 (12 p.m. – midnight).
  • Only after valid registration and affirmative response from the organization will you be able to participate in the next steps: visiting the arts festival during the summer of 2024 and submitting a detailed project proposal afterwards.
    • Deadline for submission of a project proposal is 15 November 2024 (12 p.m. – midnight). The proposal must be sent to
    • The project proposal is a PDF with a maximum number of eight pages and a maximum file size of 10 MB and must contain the following information:
      • Presentation of your collective or collab.
      • Short outline of your concept/idea for the next edition of the Arts Festival Watou (max. five sentences explaining the essence of the project and the specific site/location where you want to realize the project).
      • A detailed project proposal with a description of the project idea (art installation / interventions / works / performances / poetry, …) linked to the specific site where you want to realize your idea and a brief summary of the technical specifications.
      • Cost estimate in accordance with the selected category A or B (see renumeration).
      • Contact details (e-mail, telephone number, link to website, social media channels).

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